Almost done with AA


What a momentous occasion!  Today will be the last day I study/work on College stuff for my AA. I have to be honest and admit I don't want to!  But I also want to end with a B so I have to. I could not take my final and walk away with a C in Elementary Statistics. I only need 9 correct out of 20 though on the final and I will end with a B. I already am ending my other class with an A. 

Today is day 2 of trying to cut sugar/gluten/carbs. I am not going to be super strict about gluten, just try and avoid it as much as I can. My blood work is always so wonky and a lot of it shows infection. Celiac is something that could go with my blood work numbers. So I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and cut it down. A lot of high-carb items have gluten so cutting those down will help cut down gluten intake. I am not doing no carbs, just attempting to keep them lower period.  I don't remember my exact numbers when I was working with Amanda but this is what I have in MFP. I know the protein was 150 technically though. 

I found that I didn't lose crap though if I was up to the 1700 daily. I needed to be more in the 1500 range for loss to happen. Even with all the movement I was doing when I was working with her. 

Here it is 4 pm again and I have not started my Math work. Whoopsie!  

I wanted to share a few things.  I have a diary app on my phone that I use occasionally. I like it but there is no option to add pictures. Sure I can use my iPad and like a digital planner and do the same thing but then I have to get the pictures over to the iPad. I just downloaded one this morning that I am doing to be playing with. Here is a screenshot- that is today's breakfast in the picture.

This is the second picture. It showed me on Timehop on Fb that I posted it 10 years ago. Kinda dumb that I am still running on setbacks. 

I will leave you with this and tell you that it is 100% accurate. 

Medical procedure again tomorrow- MORE IRON!  I am dropping after four months so the Oncologist wants me to have more.  I had an appointment with him on Wednesday. They called me Tuesday and said he wants to see you tomorrow. Ummm  I had blood work the week before that phone call so that is scary. I already knew he wanted me to do iron again because they called the day after blood work. Anyway- The appointment was a waste of my time.  I had to go to the office to have a Telemed appointment with him??  He asked me why my iron was low??? Umm, I don't know!!!  If I knew I would fix it don't ya think! Then he told me my appointment for iron was Monday. Never mind the fact I was waiting on a call first to verify the price before I committed.  I know the full price is like $450 and there is no way I can swing that. I had to jump through hoops to get the price but it appears it will be the same as last time. About $92 or so. 


  1. I had low iron. My doctor told me my body couldn't absorb it like it should. I take the supplement Opti-ferrin C. It is GF. That plus drinking a spinach smoothie seemed to help me. I didn't know an oncologist handles iron levels. Scary stuff.

    1. I have been anemic my entire life. All the females in my family actually. This is just the first time any of us have tried to see it through. My DR warned me that it would be a Cancer Center calling to set up the initial appt to see the Oncologist about iron so I didn't freak out. I should start drinking protein shakes and adding spinach. I have taken a whole food vitamin in past I need to start again to see if that helps. It is the one the coach I was working with uses and it has helped her iron.


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