I'm back....reboot


I'm backkkkkkkk!

Reboot 2023 here I am!!

Right now I am trying to give my primary page some love. You can visit it at www.mrsswan.com

I stepped away from Blogger in 2019 and went to a self-hosted blog. However, the host wanted to double the fee, and umm no.  So I am back to blogger. 

New job since I was here in 2019

Everything else is pretty much the same though. I lost weight, I maintained, I gained a little, I maintained, and then I changed jobs and started school and maintained and then I gained some.  Lost some   Rinse and repeat. 

I will update this page more soon if anyone actually reads it.

I am technically on my second job change.  I am still with the same company though, just a different position. 

I am a high school substitute now.  I am employed by a local high school and I only report there every day.

 I am basically a school DO girl. 


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